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There is an interesting video on You Tube posted by Dr. Taylor Marshall (Catholic author, commentator and former academic) which addresses Pope Francis’ new book, Let Us Dream.  Dr. Marshall is not a fan of the book.  He says that in this book, one of the things that the pope wants everyone to do (apparently, for the sake of peace and harmony) is to set aside morality and dogma.  He wants Catholics to join together with other religions, even non-Christian ones, and accept their diversity in order to dialogue, to respectfully listen to each other, and to “journey together.” 

Hmmm, we’ve heard this before.  Pope Francis expects everyone to put aside doctrine and biblical teaching (2 Timothy 1:13) in order to ultimately join together with these other religious groups.  But this only creates a false unity.  The pope said he wants believers to “shed our rigidity and our agendas” and then “the God of surprises” will reveal to us “something new.”

Oh, I’m sure it’ll be something new, alright.  That “new” thing (in Marshall’s words) is a “New World Order Religion.” Marshall further adds, “…and the pope wants to be the chaplain of that whole arrangement.”  Sound familiar? (Revelation 13:11-18; 19:20)  Marshall agrees with most Protestants that this is NOT a good thing.

See here:

I, as well as others, have been saying this for a long time.  The Ecumenical Movement is the fulfillment of a biblical prophecy of a dangerous movement that ultimately leads this planet into a one-world religion (Revelation 13:4-15), leading millions to Hell (Revelation 14:9-11).  Remember, the Catholic Church (i.e., the Vatican) is spearheading this whole thing.  This has been the plan for a long time.  This is the endgame.  This is the spirit of antichrist.  Taylor Marshall (a Catholic) recognizes the danger of the Ecumenical Movement pushed by the Vatican.  Shouldn’t we, as Protestants, recognize it, as well?  Wake up, church!

But wait.  Maybe some are thinking that I am misrepresenting the pope.  Maybe that’s not the gist of his new book.  Maybe he doesn’t really want a merging with pagan religions.  Ok, so we need to ask, are there any other Catholic sources that speak of this type of “unity” with other non-Christian religions?  Yes, there are. 

According to Pope Francis’ latest encyclical: Fratelli Tutti (“Brothers All”):

“The Church esteems the ways in which God works in other religions, and ‘rejects nothing of what is true and holy in these religions.  She has a high regard for their manner of life and conduct, their precepts and doctrines which… often reflect a ray of that truth which enlightens all men and women.’” (Paragraph 277, Emphasis added)

According to Paragraph 279 in the same encyclical:

“… It is religious freedom for believers of all religions.  That freedom proclaims that we can ‘build harmony and understanding between different cultures and religions.  It also testifies to the fact that, since the important things we share are so many, it is possible to find a means of serene, ordered and peaceful coexistence, accepting our differences and rejoicing that, as children of the one God, we are all brothers and sisters.’” (Emphasis added)

See here:

Also, if you can remember, a previous pope (John Paul II) has had public “prayer meetings” with members of other religions, including Muslims, Hindus, Zoroastrians, witch doctors, a voodoo high priest, and others.  I am not making this stuff up.  See here:

So you see, this type of “unity” is Pope Francis’ plan, as well!  And it doesn’t end there.

Taylor Marshall also states that “Ecumenism is the globalist version of religion” and “The globalist view of economics is called socialism.”

We certainly agree with that.

It should be noted that Pope Francis is not only interested in a one-world church, but also a one-world government. 

In the above Fratelli Tutti encyclical, the pope also writes:

“When we talk about the possibility of some form of world authority regulated by law, we need not necessarily think of a personal authority.  Still, such an authority ought at least to promote more effective world organizations, equipped with the power to provide for the global common good, the elimination of hunger and poverty and the sure defence of fundamental human rights.” (Paragraph 172 – emphasis added)

So, yes, according to his official teachings, he is pushing for a New World Order, as well.  Furthermore, there are plenty of articles in newspapers, magazines, and the internet (many from Catholic sources) that link popes from the past and the present pope with the New World Order.

Another one of Pope Francis’ disturbing ideas that revolves around the New World Order is that climate change is an imminent danger to the world.  This would no doubt be used to bring about a New World Order.  You can read all about it in his encyclical Laudato Si:

Scientists disagree on this topic of global warming and climate change.  But the issue is not whether there are warming trends in certain parts of the world.  The issue is that politicians (and others) hyper-inflate the data to make it sound far, far worse to the public than it really is – very much like the corona virus scare.  Politicians do this in order to frighten the public into allowing them (the politicians) to make drastic changes.  Of course, they will say that the changes are to “help” us out of a crisis, when there is often no crisis at all. 

There are different theories on the cause of climate change, and I am about to share with you the latest word on that topic.  Hold on to your seat.  According to the Joe Biden administration’s team of “experts” on climate change, “systemic racism” is the cause.  That’s right, folks… racism causes climate change.  That’s what they’re telling us.  I kid you not! (Romans 1:22)

As an American, doesn’t it just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, to know that our country is safe in the hands of such capable authorities?

See here:

Apparently, Pope Francis has fallen for the leftist agenda that has infected America… and the world.


Either the pope has fallen victim to believing the climate change hype, or he is knowingly perpetuating that hype.  I believe it is the latter, but either way, he’s not looking good in this.  He is contributing both to the One World Religion and the One World Government.  This won’t end well for Catholics or anyone else.  (Revelation 13)

Pope Francis, it is not the weather or the physical climate you should be worried about, but rather the spiritual climate of your church and this world.  Yes, there is indeed a storm coming, one like the world has never seen, and YOU, Pope Francis, are responsible for leading so many directly into it. (Revelation 13:8-9)

I could only hope that Dr. Taylor Marshall, after recognizing some of these problems, would do the logical and biblical thing and part with Catholicism.  My Catholic friends, get out of that church while you can.  Leave the pope and his unbiblical and corrupt institution.  Prepare for the inevitable storm by joining a Bible-believing church and prayerfully study the Scriptures daily, which are able to lead you into all truth (John 17:17; 2 Timothy 3:16-17).


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