Friday, August 30, 2019



I just want to share a brief story / testimony with you today.  I am sharing a link to Tim Challies’ website, in which he tells his personal short story titled Why I am not Roman Catholic.

In this story, he briefly tells of how he grew up and the things he believed about the Catholic Church in his early years.  He, like me, had some misunderstandings at first about what exactly the Catholic Church teaches.
I want to point out that I don’t agree with everything Tim believes, since he is a Calvinist and I am not.  But he tells his story with grace and respect.  He gives a respectful, yet honest, assessment of the Catholic Church’s teachings.  He briefly summarizes his thoughts and gives three main (and compelling) reasons why he is not a Catholic and why Catholics should seriously and prayerfully consider these reasons.

And he also shares his belief that in spite of Catholic teaching, there are still some individuals in the Church who are saved.  But their being saved is, again, in spite of what the Catholic Church teaches, and not because of it.

Hope you enjoy the article.  Here is the link: