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Imagine a train – a very long train - one that can carry many, many people and travel at a very high speed.  Imagine its conductor encouraging everyone to join the people on the train because its destination is a beautiful, wonderful place – a type of “holy city,” where problems and worries are few, and everything is fully provided for the people.  There, all will be treated with respect, consideration and equality.  It appears to be the nearest thing to perfection here on earth.  
Now imagine, after a while, the train beginning to go faster and faster on its way.  Uncomfortably fast.  It is soon apparent to those on the outside that this train is out of control and is headed for danger.  Disaster awaits as the train screams down the rails and will soon slip off the tracks and violently crash into something, bringing certain death and destruction to many.  But the passengers seem to be blissfully unaware of the danger, since they believe that they would soon arrive at their promised “holy city.”
The Pope’s Train 

This “train ride” and its destination is a metaphor for the type of government that Pope Francis is offering to the world.  But why is the pope’s train such a dangerous one?  It is because the “wonderful” place to which it is going – the place where he envisions an environment of peace, equality, social justice and fairness for all – is a Marxist/socialist/communist world... and he is not shy about it.  This is the train wreck, and it is moving quickly toward its goal, and it is unfortunate that so many are getting on board. 
In his first apostolic exhortation, Evangelii Gaudium [or EG] (translated “The Joy of the Gospel”), Pope Francis speaks of the New Jerusalem, the holy city of Revelation 21:2-4 and compares it with his concept of a “holy city” on earth (EG, paragraph 71). 

In this same document, Francis – a left-leaning pope – thought it necessary to insult capitalism (i.e., private ownership of goods; a “market economy”; limited government; free enterprise) and to extol the “virtues” of socialism.  The pontiff expresses his disdain for America’s capitalism and calls it “an economy of exclusion and inequality.”  He also says that “such an economy kills” (EG, paragraph 53), and he sees capitalism as a “new tyranny” (EG, paragraph 56).   To Pope Francis, capitalism is the enemy.  See here:

But according to one source, since the time of the Second Vatican Council, the enemy has been communism, not capitalism.  But “Francis says, the global economy needs more government control – an argument that would have been unthinkable for the pope just 50 years ago.”  See here:

So why the drastic change?  Is there something special about the wisdom of this pope?  Or is he on some kind of revolutionary mission?  Someone once said that Pope Francis has a “divine mandate” to radically change our American politics.  It seems he would think so.
The pope apparently strongly favors the principles of Marxism/socialism, but the end result is communism, and communism will eventually enslave its followers!
There is Hope 

But according to at least one source: 

“The rise and development of capitalism has resulted in a massive decrease in global poverty.” 


“Wealth must first be created before it can be given to others.  Capitalism is the greatest wealth creator the world has ever seen, lifting billions of people out of abject poverty.” 

See this article: 

Capitalism, used correctly, and the biblical principles that go along with it, have made America the greatest nation on the face of the earth.  Why else would people from all over the world risk their lives to come here?  If it’s so bad here in America, why aren’t Americans fleeing from here by the thousands to go live in communistic countries like North Korea?  By the way, anyone (i.e., any non-criminal) is free to leave the United States of America at any time.  Can communist or socialist countries say the same to their citizens?
Just ask those who have lived in these “wonderful” socialist economies and see how much “fairness” and “justice” they enjoyed.  The respect, consideration, and “equality for everyone” that they were promised were never realized.  In fact, the only "equality" they received was equality as slaves. 

In fact, I would invite the whiners, the liberals and leftists, the freedom haters and the Constitution haters in America to follow through with their disapproval and leave.  Surely, you would be happier in a Marxist or socialist country, right?  Ok, so either feel free to leave, or quit bad-mouthing this country whose blessings and freedoms you are enjoying.  Quit being a hypocrite! 

And speaking of Marxist ideas, it is a little-known fact that the official “Black Lives Matter” website is Marxist at its roots.  Look it up for yourself.  You can see my thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement here: 
By the way, the pope supports this Marxist BLM movement.  See here: 

Concern For the Poor? 

A Newsweek article has the pope saying: 

“The poor must always come first.” 

See here: 

But if Pope Francis feels that strongly about the plight of the poor, he should openly condemn his own church for using indulgences (giving money to reduce punishment for sin) to build St. Peter’s basilica.  This magnificent building was financed off the backs of the poor, by the way, by using indulgences as a guilt trip to help friends and relatives in Purgatory.  This is an unbiblical practice that the Catholic Church still officially uses today (though they try hard to downplay what happened in the past concerning indulgences). 

Furthermore, if it’s true that the poor must always come first, then why doesn’t the Vatican – with all its gold, silver, art, land, architecture, and investments – give a major portion of its own significant wealth to the poor?  I’m sure it’s tough living in the “squalor” of the Vatican’s possessions.  The pope likes to complain about “inequality” in others, but there seems to be some inequality here.  Maybe he could give St. Peter’s basilica to house the less fortunate?  So, Pope Francis, how about practicing what you preach? 
Popes are nothing like their supposed predecessor, the apostle Peter.  Peter didn't inherit great wealth from his position as an apostle.  In fact, he told the cripple man, “Silver and gold have I none...” (Acts 3:6).  But popes have lived in luxury. 

No Perfect System on Earth 

Now, any system (including capitalism) can be abused and corrupted, and Francis is emphasizing the fact that there are greedy people within capitalist governments.  That’s true, but greedy people exist in all forms of government.  No system of laws on this earth is perfect, but I believe that capitalism is the most consistent with biblical principles and is the best economic system there can be for a fallen creation.  Capitalism cannot promise equal outcomes, but it does offer equal opportunity for everyone. 

Communism is anti-Christian and it is a worldview that is rooted in materialistic atheism.  In fact, someone once said that atheism is the “taproot of communism.”  My Catholic friends, ask yourself: What is the pope doing, promoting an atheist-related system?

This article is not intended to be a lesson in economics, but it is intended to encourage deep concern for both the teachings and the political leanings of a man so prominent and influential worldwide known as Pope Francis. 

Our concern about this pope should be three-fold: First, he is leading his followers into a bad economic system, which leads into the slavery of all its people. 

Second, he is the spiritual leader of a church that has numerous unbiblical or anti-biblical teachings, leading many astray. 

Third, he is probably the main leader spearheading the ecumenical movement which will climax in a one-world church with mandatory worship of the son of perdition, the antichrist (2 Thessalonians 2:3; Revelation 13:8,12,15). 

I have written other articles in more detail on this blog about the dangers of the Ecumenical Movement.  They can be found by using the search bar on the top left of this blog page.
The pope’s “holy city” is absolutely nothing like the one in Revelation 21:2-4.  The pope not only offers a false “holy city,” he offers a false religion, a false hope, a false unity, a false peace, and a false equality.  Should you trust him?  Open the Scriptures and see for yourself. 

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